Dev Entry -- Oct 24, 2013
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    Well, let's start with the obvious: while things are very close to being finalized, we're not quite there yet. I'm not really surprised by this. If you've ever dealt with working up a contractual agreement you'll know that these things never happen overnight.

    Lately, as I mentioned last time, I've been working on refining shaders for the interior and exterior ship "skinning". One of the key things I worked on was how the decals get applied. These are what allow the player to assign things like nose art, and how ship numbers are displayed. They worked before but they were causing some sorting issues with certain effects. The way I'm applying them now should fix this issue. It also saves quite a few calculations, too, which will make the shader processing a bit faster.

    The other thing I spent time on are lighting FX for things such as formation and exterior lights. Again, this was something that I previewed in the prototype video but it wasn't as efficient as it could have been. Now it is...

    So, the next step is to get the data files for the new ship set up, and then in it goes. Not sure how long this will take as I'm dealing with a lot of other issues during the day, which are all required to move ahead. In theory, the data setup won't take long. I'm sure it will remind me though that I REALLY need to work on a ship editor sooner rather than later to assist in getting these data files set up.

    I guess the other bit of news is that I was doing a bit of concept work a couple nights this week for one of the enemy captial ships. Nothing to show yet really though. I was just sketching out a general silhouette--trying to build a unique shape based around the functionality. I think I also came up with a nice design for the enemy fighter by accident. It needs a few revisions to really flesh out the shape, but I like the direction so far.

    So, that's about it for now. Take it easy....

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    Keep at it Michael, as the saying goes; If you are going to do something, do it right! 
  • Brand new member here.  Just found out about this project while griping over at Star Citizen about realism.  After watching some YouTube videos I must say that I'm excited about the complexity of the sub-systems and am looking forward to see how this space sim develops.  Keep up the good work!
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    Reply to @MajorMalafunkshun: Welcome. Thanks for the kind words. The prototype was only a hint of what I have in mind. The final implementation of the ship systems are going to be much more refined. The goal is a more believable science fiction--something that's both intelligent AND fun.

    Anyway, feel free to ask questions at any time. I'm usually pretty quick with answers... :)
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  • Thanks, Michael.  I completely agree that just because science fiction has 'fiction' in it doesn't mean it should resort to fantasy.  The ideas proposed should be at least plausible and preferably rather believable.  I believe that if you get your head in a game it helps greatly with immersion and the total experience.

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